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Dr. Evren AY KOC Otorhinolaryngology Specialist

I started my medical education at MARMARA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL FACULTY and did my specialization at Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital. I also performed my obligatory duty at Mardin Kızıltepe State Hospital. These two working environments have given me a lot of experience and encountered countless cases.


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Primum Non-Necere

No matter what time period we are in, our first wish for ourselves and our relatives is health. Although it is not in our power to eradicate diseases, our goal is to find a cure, from the simplest to the most serious.

The primary goal should be to prevent diseases. As a doctor who has adopted the principle of ‘Primum non necere’ (do no harm first), which is the most important advice of Hippocrates, I wish everyone a healthy day.

Since I worked in various cities in our country, my working areas varied. Despite this, my patients from all over our country find me in the city I live in and come for both visits and treatment purposes. I am currently working on my own private examination in the Istanbul ATASEHIR region. You can find the location of my clinic on the map.

You can reach our clinic and services by calling +90 532 659 49 76 or +90 505 455 35 63 to get price information and to benefit from discounted prices. If you wish, you can ask your questions via WhatsApp. You can fill out the contact form to make an appointment.


Kiss. Dr. Evren Ay Koç Otorhinolaryngology Specialist As an Ear Nose and Throat Head and Neck Surgeon in Ataşehir Istanbul, I primarily perform rhinoplasty, nose surgery, other nose surgeries, ear surgeries and neck surgeries. In my private clinic, I also do many cosmetic applications such as Botumilum Toxin Applications, Face Filling Applications and Mesotherapy.

Nose Aesthetics / Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, which we also call rhinoplasty, is the operation performed to correct the function of the nose, which has its Latin origin “rhinion”, that is, correct and comfortable breathing, in other words, the shape of the nose without deteriorating our breathing comfort.


As a physician who abides by all the ethical rules of my profession and shows extreme sensitivity in order for this effort to be sustainable; I always wish that cosmetic concerns do not come before the priorities of human health and anatomy.

Op.Dr. Evren AY KOÇ

Ear Nose Throat Diseases and Head and Neck Surgery Specialist

Courses and Seminars I Attended


As an Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Specialist, I am doing all of the surgeries and treatments on the site. I also provide services for other diagnoses and treatments that are not included in the site but are in my area of expertise. You can get detailed information by calling 0532 659 49 76 or 0505 455 35 63 for an appointment.


Visit our page where you can find answers to many of your questions such as the details that those who want to have Rhinoplasty Nose Aesthetic Surgery should know, what to do before and after nose surgery, what to expect from rhinoplasty surgery.


You can get rid of your congenital prominent ear discomfort in a day with the help of a simple procedure. It is in your hands to avoid the loss of self-confidence, to get rid of aesthetic deformities and to lead a quality life.


It is possible to breathe comfortably and increase your life comfort with nasal curvature or deviation surgery. The most valuable action of our life is undoubtedly to be able to breathe. Many people live unaware of a better quality of breath.


Ear Surgery – Diagnosis and Treatments


Nose Surgery – Diagnosis and Treatment


Throat Surgery – Diagnostic Treatment

Ear Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist, with the full name Ear Nose Throat Head and Neck Surgery, both actually refer to the same department doctor. It is also called ENT specialist among the people. Otorhinolaryngologists are also surgeons. In other words, they can perform surgery and surgical interventions as specialists in the field of ear, nose, throat and neck. I feel the need to make this statement based on years of experience. Because when we said to our patient that he needed to have an operation, “Will you do the surgery?” I wanted to point out that we hear the expression very often. I wish everyone a healthy day.