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Kepçe Kulak Ameliyatı Otoplasty

The fact that the ears are not in the correct position concerning the head and face can cause an aesthetically unpleasant appearance. Otoplasty, which is a very easy and non-marking aesthetic operation, can easily solve the prominent ear problem in today’s medicine.

Prominent Ear Surgery What is Otoplasty (Otoplasty)?

Otoplasty is a method of removing the defects in the outer ear structure seen in children and adults by surgical intervention.

What is prominent ear and what problems does it cause?

Prominent ear is the most common ear deformity. It is mostly caused by the looseness of the cartilages in the ear area or by insufficient ear folds. For these reasons, the ear, which has a loose structure, bends forward or to the side, causing an unpleasant appearance. It usually occurs in both ears, but in rare cases, only one auricle may resemble an ear. Prominent ear definitely requires intervention for all kinds of psychological problems it may cause and can be easily corrected with a simple surgery thanks to the possibilities of modern medicine.

Prominent Ear Surgery in Children Otoplasty

The shaping of the auricle takes place while the baby is still in the womb; The auricle continues to develop until the age of 5-6 and takes its final shape at this age.

Children are the group most affected by ear deformities. Nicknames such as “scoop” given to school-age children by their peers cause problems such as psychological problems, indifference to lessons, and alienation from school. For this reason, the problem is solved by otoplasty in children with full ear development.

In which age group can children have surgery?

Preschool children should have prominent ear surgery without experiencing psychological problems, developing indifference to the lesson and alienating from school. Psychological adjustment is much easier in these surgeries performed at an early age.

What is the anatomical problem in the prominent ear?

The prominent ear appearance is caused by three anatomical deformities:

The severity of each of these deformities may be different for each patient. Surgery is aimed at correcting these deformities.

How is prominent ear surgery otoplasty performed?

Otoplasty is performed under local anesthesia in adults, and under general anesthesia in children and patients who cannot be administered local anesthesia.

During the surgery, an incision is made behind the ear, the cartilage is thinned with a rasp, and then the incision is sutured.

It is not noticeable when viewed from the front, as the seams on the ear will remain behind.

Prominent Ear Surgery Before Otoplasty

As with all operations, it is recommended to quit smoking and alcohol consumption at least one week before otoplasty. This is very important for a speedy recovery process. Also, avoid taking aspirin-like blood thinners before surgery. In addition to these, inform your doctor who will perform the surgery about the medications you regularly use.

Prominent Ear Surgery After Otoplasty

After aesthetic ear surgery, you will wear a not very tight headband that completely covers your ear and you will wear it continuously for about 3 weeks. This reduces the load on the stitches holding the cartilage that wants to return to its original state. The cartilage hardens and heals in its new position. Another function of the headband is to reduce edema and to allow the swelling to go down more quickly in the first days after prominent ear surgery.

Loss of sensation in the ear can last for several weeks, which is normal. Avoid drying hair and blow drying during this period.

Will there be any scars after prominent ear surgery?

The incision of prominent ear surgery is hidden behind the auricle. For this reason, the head is not noticeable even when viewed from behind.

Risks of Prominent Ear Surgery

The risk of developing an infection in the cartilage tissue is very low and the surgeon will take measures to further reduce this risk, but in rare cases this can happen.

Prominent ear patients are satisfied with the result if the ear is kept as close to the head as possible. But this gives the ears an unnatural look. For this reason, the ears should be brought as close to the head as necessary. In the first postoperative period, the ears may look a little like that, but as the edema decreases, they gain a more natural appearance.

Prominent Ear Surgery Price

The price of the operation varies according to whether the prominent ear problem is unilateral or bilateral, whether there is an additional problem, the presence of the earlobe problem and the type of anesthesia. Contact us for more information and price details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prominent Ear Surgery a Painful Surgery?

Prominent ear surgery usually does not cause any pain. Any pain you may have will be mild aches that can be relieved with pain relievers.

Does prominent ear surgery give permanent results?

There may be some opening in the ears after the surgery. This risk is lower in children. There is a minimum risk in this regard in patients who have been operated with appropriate methods and then wear a hair band for a sufficient period of time.

When can I return to my normal activities after surgery?

While women continue their normal activities after surgery, this process is longer in men. Since it is normal for women to use hair bands as an accessory to their hair, they can return to their normal activities immediately after the surgery. However, since men do not have the habit of wearing headbands, it may take a little longer for men to return to their normal activities than women.

Does otoplasty cause hearing problems?

Since this operation, which is performed for aesthetic purposes, has nothing to do with hearing functions, it is unlikely to cause any hearing problems.

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