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What should not be done after nose surgery?

Burun ameliyatından sonra neler yapılmaz?

Nose surgery is a surgical procedure performed to change the shape and size of the nose or to correct breathing problems. After surgery, it is important to avoid certain things to speed up the healing process and prevent complications.

Things not to do after nose surgery are:

These recommendations may vary depending on the extent of the surgery and the individual characteristics of the person. But, in general, following these recommendations will help speed up the healing process and prevent complications.

Some important points to consider after nose surgery are:

The recovery process after rhinoplasty usually takes 6-12 months. During this period, swelling and bruising in the nose may occur. Swelling is usually most noticeable in the first few weeks after surgery and then gradually decreases. Bruising usually occurs in the first few days after surgery and disappears within a few weeks.

It usually takes 1-2 years for the nose shape to fully settle after rhinoplasty. During this time, there may be some minor changes in the nose. These changes disappear with the complete healing of the nasal bone and cartilage.