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Are the stitches removed after rhinoplasty?

Whether or not the stitches need to be removed may vary depending on the type of stitches used in rhinoplasty surgery.

Dissolving stitches

Dissolvable stitches are stitches that dissolve spontaneously and are absorbed by the body after surgery. Therefore, there is no need to remove stitches in rhinoplasty surgeries using dissolvable stitches.

Non-dissolving stitches

Non-dissolvable stitches are stitches that do not dissolve and are not absorbed by the body after surgery. These stitches are generally used in surgeries that require shaping the tip of the nose. In rhinoplasty surgeries using non-dissolvable stitches, the stitches are removed by the doctor 5-7 days after the surgery.

Removing stitches after rhinoplasty

Removal of stitches after rhinoplasty is usually done under local anesthesia. During the removal of the stitches, a slight pain may be felt in the area where the stitches pass.

The doctor removing the stitches will clean the area where the stitches were removed. The wounds in the area where the stitches were removed usually heal within 1-2 weeks.

Removing stitches after rhinoplasty is an important part of the surgery. Removing the stitches helps the surgical site heal and reduces the risk of infection.

I do not use dissolvable suture products in my surgeries. For this reason, I do not remove stitches from my patients. Nowadays, almost every doctor performs surgery using the same techniques and does not perform procedures that require stitches.