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French Hanger / Lift

Fransız Askısı / Asansörü

Over time, the human face begins to fail to counteract the effects of gravity and aging. Due to the loss of collagen and elasticity and the weakening of connective tissue, facial skin begins to sag and wrinkle, and the person begins to look older than their actual age. The French Lift method is considered an effective and important alternative for patients who do not consider aesthetic facial surgery.

What is a French Elevator?

Over time, the human face begins to fail to counteract the effects of gravity and aging. Due to loss of collagen and elasticity and weakening of connective tissue, the face wrinkles and the person begins to look older than he is. Wrinkles make you look tired, irritable and unhappy. The French Lip method, a non-surgical face lift procedure developed in France, provides rejuvenation by stretching the skin using flexible threads made of silicone material on the inside and polyester on the outside.

Who can have French Lift?

French lift is an ideal application for men and women who do not want to resort to surgical solutions and want their old, lively looking skin back. This procedure, which is an alternative to a face lift, allows the person to go back in time and therefore delay aging. French Lift is a treatment method that can be used in aging conditions as well as in patients with partial facial paralysis. Threads made of silicone inside and polyester outside are biologically compatible with the human body and can remain under the skin for years.

In which areas can French Lift be applied?

French Lift is generally applied to the face and neck area as it is used in the treatment of sagging and wrinkles. It is also applied to some other parts of the body.

Scope of application:

Will it be effective on all skin types?

French lift is not suitable for extremely wrinkled and sagging skin. In such cases, the patient is referred to face lift operations. This procedure provides the most effective and aesthetic results for thin skin that shows slight laxity, but the results will not be satisfactory for very thin and wrinkled skin or thick and very heavy skin.

Advantages of French Lift

The most important advantage of this procedure is that it can be performed safely, painlessly and comfortably without leaving any stitch marks. Since it is performed with local anesthesia, hospitalization is not required and the patient can return to normal life immediately. It treats sagging caused by gravity by applying upward force due to the suspension effect and gives extremely effective results. It can be applied to men and women in need between the ages of 37-70. The results are quite natural. It does not cause any change in facial expressions. If the person feels loose, they can have the French lift done again.

How is French Lift applied?

Dynamic lifts are performed under local anesthesia in a procedure that takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. During the check-up before the procedure, the points to be worked on in the application area are determined and the threads are placed under the skin. Since the grip area of ​​the thread is preferred to be inside the head (above the ear), the process is completed without the need for stitches. Any inflammation that may occur after the procedure can be easily eliminated with painkillers. The patient can return to normal daily activities immediately after the procedure.

French Lift Before and After

What precautions should be taken before the procedure?

The procedure does not require any special precautions or necessary treatment. Before the procedure, you will be informed by your doctor about all the details about the threads and the stretching process.
Things to consider after the procedure

French Elevator Price

You can contact us to get information about the French lift and its price.

Frequently Asked Questions About French Lift

Is it a painful procedure?

French lift is a painless procedure performed under local anesthesia without any incisions.

How long does the procedure take in one session?

One session is sufficient. If you want to have a new session, you can have it done after five years.

Do dynamic threads stop aging?

The ropes do not have the effect of stopping time, so it would be wrong to expect a miracle such as preventing aging.

Can the process be reversed?

If you wish, a few years after having a French Lift, you can tighten the existing threads again, have a new procedure with new threads, or have another rejuvenation technique.

Does the procedure have any side effects?

The threads used during the process are threads made of silicone on the outside and polyester on the inside, completely compatible with human skin. Side effects after the procedure are rare and minimal, if any, and the patient can return to normal activities the next day.

How long do threads last?

French lift is one of the most technologically advanced methods and is more preferred than other rejuvenation applications. One of the most important reasons for this is that it takes much longer than other methods. It would not be wrong to say that it is a complete alternative to surgery in suitable patients.

Do the threads cause damage?

The threads used during the process are threads made of silicone on the outside and polyester on the inside, completely compatible with human skin. Therefore, it does not have harmful effects on human health.