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How many days can I go out after rhinoplasty?

Rinoplasti sonrası kaçıncı gün dışarı çıkılır?

It varies depending on the scope of the surgery and the individual characteristics of the person. In general, it is important to rest at home and focus on recovery for the first 5 days after surgery.

First 5 days after rhinoplasty

After the 5th day after the surgery, if you feel well, you can get permission from your doctor to go out. However, swelling and bruising may still occur during this time, so it is important to be careful and protect your nose from bumps.

In the first 10 days after surgery, it is important to avoid vigorous activities. This includes lifting weights, strenuous exercise and sunbathing. The risk of infection should be taken into consideration and crowded environments should be avoided.

Your doctor will probably give you a report in 10 to 15 days. Spending this period following your doctor’s instructions will positively affect your recovery process.