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Under Eye Filler

Under Eye Filler

Under Eye Filler – Tired of looking tired? Some patients who do not like circles, lines or pits under the eyes turn to under-eye fillers to smooth their skin.

Getting plenty of sleep, reducing salt and taking care of your skin can help prevent under-eye bags and dark circles. Also, make-up or tinted glasses can camouflage (or distract) these common skin problems.

However, if you are still not satisfied with the appearance of your lower eyelids, under-eye fillers may be the solution. This guide for under eye fillers will answer all your questions if you’re considering this as a solution, including safety, cost, and what to expect after injections.

What is Under-Eye Light Filling?

Under-eye light filler is a targeted injection of hyaluronic acid into an area under the eye to minimize unwanted dark circles, pits, lines or wrinkles. Your doctor will use a variety of under-eye fillers, including Belotero, Juvederm Ultra, Radiesse, Restylane, and Restylane Silk, to treat tear trough deformity and other issues.

Under-eye filler can be used anywhere around the eyes with unwanted contours, defects or lines. For example, you can get:

Under-eye fillers can be used to reduce the appearance of under-eye hollows, sunken tear pits and fine lines.

Crow’s feet filler – Dermal filler can be used to soften lines radiating from the outer corners of your eyes, which can deepen when you smile or smile.
Tear trough filler – Filler can be used to correct the curved line under your eyes that starts from the inner corner of your eye and goes down to the cheek.
Under-eye wrinkles filler – Fillers can be used to erase or soften other fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes. The skin under the eyes is very thin and prone to wrinkles.

It is important to have realistic expectations. Patients with thicker, smoother skin may have better results than those with thinner, more wrinkled skin under the eyes. It’s also important to remember that fillers can reduce ghosting, but not change the color of the skin under your eyes. But a doctor can work with you to come up with a plan to address the problems you want.

The procedure for injecting filler under the eye typically takes only a few minutes. It may take time for the bruises to go away, the swelling to go down and the filling to settle after the procedure. It may take several weeks to see the final results.

tear trough filler

Tear trough fillers can help minimize the appearance of dark circles under the eyes caused by shadows falling on the under-eye area. As mentioned, fillers cannot change the pigmentation of the skin, so they don’t work on all dark circles.

“Tear deformity” is a term used to describe a line or pit that extends from the inner corner of the eye to the cheek and can shade the under-eye area. Tear pit deformity results from the normal anatomy of the area under the eyes, but some patients seek treatment because they think it makes them look tired or give their eyes a sunken look.

Under Eye Filler

Under Eye Filler

Before and after photos of under-eye light filling

Would you like to see the before and after photos of under eye fillers to get an idea of the results? This can help you decide whether to have under eye fillers.

The best source for before and after photos of under eye fillers is your doctor. Ask your doctor if he has a selection of photos of patients who have had under-eye fillers so you can get an idea of your doctor’s abilities and results.

Detention light filler price

How much is under eye filler? Under-eye filler prices vary according to the brand of the filler, the amount of filler needed and the pricing structure of your doctor’s application.

Under eye filler is priced per syringe. The average cost of a hyaluronic acid filler typically used under the eyes in the US is about $652 per syringe. No need to worry, the figure is much less in our country. Average prices for the same dose start from 1500 TL for 2023. Most patients need more than one syringe.

Your total cost will depend on the total number of syringes required. You can get detailed information by calling us.

How permanent are under-eye fillers?

Hyaluronic acid under-eye fillers typically last between six months and a year before needing to be redone. The durability of the fillers depends partly on the brand of the filler used.

It is normal for under-eye fillers to last for about six months after first use and then stay longer with additional treatments.

Is under-eye light filling safe?

While hyaluronic acid injections are approved by the ministry for certain areas of the face, injections under the eyes are considered “off-label” use.

It is important that under-eye fillers are injected correctly and not into blood vessels. In such a case, the filler can get into the blood vessels of the eye, causing blindness. For this reason, it is important that the under-eye filler is injected only by a doctor who has a lot of experience in under-eye fillers.

There are also patients who should not have under-eye fillers. For example, do not apply under eye fillers if:

If you are allergic to an ingredient in the filler
If there is an infection near the injection site
If you have very large eye bags
If there are herniated fat pads under the eyes

It is also important to avoid taking aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, vitamin E and ginkgo biloba at least five days before having under-eye fillers. This can help reduce the risk of bruising around the eyes after the procedure.

If you are interested in having under-eye fillers, you should consult an experienced doctor who has experience in under-eye fillers. Your doctor should review the pros, cons, and risks of the procedure to help you decide if this procedure is right for you.

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