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Forehead Filling

What is Forehead Filling?

Forehead Filling is a filler injection method for eliminating wrinkles and lines in the forehead area. Hyarulonic acid fillers are applied to the lines in the forehead area. Even if a slight redness occurs on the face, these rashes go away the next day. This procedure, which shows its effect immediately and is expected to last 1-1.5 years, is a highly preferred method among non-surgical medical aesthetic applications.

What materials are used for the filling?

Hyaluronic acid is often used for forehead filling, and sometimes the patient’s own oil is used. Fats taken from the abdomen or buttocks of the patient are applied as direct fat or stem cell supported fat injection in line with the planning made by the patient and the doctor.

Is it a painful application?

If forehead filling is to be done with fat injection, liposuction surgery should be performed to remove the required amount of fat beforehand. If the patient will be given a stem cell-based injection, the cells must be replicated in a laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health. The procedure is performed after the patient is administered local anesthesia or sedation. Any post-procedure pain can be relieved with simple painkillers.

If the patient will be filled with hyaluronic acid, anesthetic cream is applied in the office environment beforehand and the patient may feel a slight needle pain.

What are the most common deformities in the forehead area?

The most common deformities in the forehead area are depressions and wrinkles caused by facial expressions and aging. From time to time, depression may occur due to accidents.

The fill app is useful when:

Filling application is beneficial in eliminating the loss of volume on the face and improving the aged appearance due to these losses. It is also useful in age-related, anti-aging applications at hand.

How is forehead filling done?

Forehead filling is done in 2 ways.

Using hyaluronic acid

It is a simple procedure done in the office.

Using fat injection

It is performed in hospital conditions after fat is removed from the patient by liposuction.

Using stem cell based fat injection

Fat is removed from the patient by liposuction and sent to a laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health for the isolation and reproduction of stem cells. The replicated stem cells are then applied by the doctor.

Who should apply forehead filler?

If forehead filling is done using hyaluronic acid, it is done by a Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist or Medical Esthetician.

If it is done with fat injection, it can only be done by a plastic surgeon.

Application period

In hyaluronic acid fillers, the application takes any time between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

In the case of fat injection, it takes a few hours.

Advantages of forehead filler

The advantages of forehead filling are that it removes the unwanted image and makes the patient look younger.

How long does the effect of forehead filling last?

If the forehead filling is made with hyaluronic acid, its effects last between 6 months and 1 year, and if it is done with fat filling, its effects last for several years.

Side effects of forehead filler

Forehead filler has no side effects.

What is the healing process of forehead filler?

Hyaluronic acid injections do not require any recovery time. In fat injections, the improvement of the liposuction area and the correction of edema and bruises in the injection area will take 1-2 weeks.

Who cannot have forehead filling?

Forehead filling cannot be applied to patients who are not allowed to have this procedure done by their doctors due to any existing disease.

Will there be edema and swelling after forehead filling?

Filling made using hyaluronic acid usually does not cause swelling and edema; Swelling and edema that may occur can be easily removed with cold application and externally applied creams.

In applications with oil filling, it takes 1-2 weeks for the edema to completely disappear.

Forehead Filling

Forehead Filling

Is forehead filling a safe procedure?

Forehead filling is a safe procedure as long as it is done by experts.

Is forehead filler permanent?

Forehead filling made with hyaluronic acid lasts between 6 months and 1 year, and filling made with oil takes 1-2 years.

How do I make an appointment? How can I reach Ataşehir?

Providing service in his private clinic in Ataşehir Istanbul region, Op. Dr. Evren Ay Koç is pleased to host you for your questions. Click for appointment and contact.

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