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Permanent Fat Filling with Stem Cells

Kök Hücrelerle Kalıcı Yağ Dolgusu

With stem cell technology, a permanent filling is obtained by combining stem cells obtained from the person’s own fat. Fat filler enriched with stem cells adheres to the injection area and remains in that area for life. Wrinkles are removed without using any foreign substance other than the patient’s own cells, and permanent breast or butt enlargement can also be performed.

It is a natural practice to use fillers previously used for facial wrinkles and fat fillers enriched with the person’s own stem cells, instead of implants or silicones used in breast and butt enlargement, and these fillers are permanent for a lifetime.

Extremely natural results that satisfy the patient are achieved and there are no allergic reactions, infections, tissue incompatibility, etc. that may be caused by other artificial fillers or foreign substances. No complications occur.

In old methods, most of the transferred fat tissue was absorbed by the body and thus disappeared. For this reason, the desired results could not be achieved with the fat injection procedure. Patients had to do this more than once. It was not possible to perform fat injection repeatedly in patients with limited fat amount. With the innovative Stem Cell method, Stem Cells are obtained from a part of the fat removed by liposuction and the desired results can be achieved with permanent fillers. Fat tissue is the richest source of Stem Cells. Stem cells isolated from fats and oils removed by liposuction are brought together under certain conditions in laboratories to obtain permanent fillers.

90% of permanent fat fillers used for breast enlargement, butt enlargement, facial volume gain or removal of deformations in any part of the body remain at the injection site, making it possible to achieve the desired form and volume permanently. in a single session. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and sedation without requiring hospitalization, and the recovery process is extremely fast and painless. Extremely natural results are achieved.

All treatment methods on this site may vary depending on the person and his metabolism; No guarantees are made regarding exact results.

Lip filler

This method, preferred by many women who complain about the thinness of their lips or the effects of aging, helps them gain a fuller and younger appearance. This method applies dermal fillers to the lips and around the lips. The purpose of this procedure is to restore hyaluronic acid to the lips, which begins to decrease over time. It takes approximately 30 minutes and you can return to your daily life after the procedure. This procedure has immediately visible effects and should definitely be applied by the right experts. Although it may seem like an easy process, the application method should be compatible with the person’s face shape, without exaggeration, and without disrupting the harmony between the upper and lower lips.

Facial and Cheek Bone Fillers

If the person’s cheekbone is not protruding due to a structural defect or low weight, or if the jawline is not clear, or if the volume in the cheekbone area has started to decrease due to aging, ready-made filler injection is a frequently preferred method. It is applied to people to have standard aesthetic measurements. Thanks to this procedure, the person has a fuller and younger facial structure as depressions and wrinkles are reduced. Specialist physicians should be consulted, especially for natural and non-exaggerated applications. The effects of this procedure last for approximately 1 – 1 and a half years, and the patient can return to his daily life immediately after the procedure and see the effects immediately, which are the most important factors in choosing this method.

Under Eye Light Filling

This method is used to remove sunken and purple areas under the eyes. Hyaluronic acid fillers are generally preferred because they dissolve easily in the under-eye area. The effects of this procedure last approximately 1-2 years and last approximately 15-20 minutes. Since the patient can see the effect immediately after the procedure, it is a practical method preferred by people who have problems with under-eye dark circles and depressions. After the procedure, the person can immediately return to his/her daily life. Although it may seem like an easy procedure, it must be performed by a specialist physician to inject a sufficient amount of filler into the right place.

Chin Filler

To ensure the golden ratio of the face, the jaw structure must fit well on the face. Depending on genetic structure or aging; Loss of definition in the jaw line, sagging of the chin, chin tip structure being further back than where it should be, asymmetrical chin or pointed/large chins make people unhappy. Nowadays, there are many people who want to get rid of this unhappiness and prefer this non-surgical method. Chin filling procedure leads to satisfactory results, especially for people who want to have an oval face structure and a beautiful profile appearance. Hyaluronic acid fillers are generally preferred in this process. The effects of this procedure last approximately 1-2 years and last approximately 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, the person can immediately return to his/her daily life.

Forehead Filling

It is a filler injection method to eliminate wrinkles and lines in the forehead area. The procedure involved injecting hyaluronic acid fillers into the lines in the forehead area. A slight redness occurs on the face and disappears the next day. This procedure, whose effects are easily visible and lasts approximately 1 to 1 and a half years, is a highly preferred method among today’s non-surgical procedures.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty with Fillers

It is a non-surgical nose correction procedure for those who complain about the general appearance of their nose. Depending on the situation that the person is not satisfied with, after this procedure, the deformity in the nose is alleviated, the nose asymmetry is corrected, or the tip of the nose can be lifted. It is an application for aesthetic purposes, not for health purposes. In other words, if the person has difficulty breathing due to bone curvature, this method does not solve that problem. Hyaluronic acid fillers are generally preferred in this process. The effects of this procedure last for approximately 1 – 1 and a half years and the procedure takes approximately 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, the person can immediately return to his/her daily life. It is very important that the procedure is performed by the right physicians for the person’s face-nose symmetry.