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Does State Hospital Perform Rhinoplasty?

Devlet Hastanesi Rinoplasti Yapar mı?

Yes, rhinoplasty is performed in public hospitals. However, since rhinoplasty surgery is an aesthetic surgery, it is not covered by social security insurance (SSI). Therefore, people who want to have rhinoplasty surgery must cover the costs of the surgery themselves.

If the surgeons who perform rhinoplasty surgery in public hospitals are experienced and specialized doctors, this will not be a problem for you. Rhinoplasty surgeries performed in public hospitals can give as successful results as surgeries performed in private hospitals. However, it should not be forgotten that there may be different approaches to the responsibility carried between the surgery performed by a private doctor and the surgery performed in a public hospital.

People who want to have rhinoplasty surgery at a public hospital must first apply to the relevant surgery department and take a turn for examination. The surgeon will evaluate the patient’s general health condition and determine whether surgery is appropriate. If surgery is decided, the patient will be given the necessary information to prepare for the surgery.

A date is given for rhinoplasty surgery in a state hospital and the surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. Surgery time varies depending on how much the shape and size of the nose will be changed. After the surgery, the patient is kept under observation in the hospital for a few days.

After rhinoplasty surgery in a public hospital, it is important for the patient to protect his nose from impacts and follow the doctor’s instructions. After surgery, swelling and bruising may occur in the nose area. This swelling and bruising usually subsides within the first few weeks after surgery.

It is important for people who want to have rhinoplasty surgery at a public hospital to carefully evaluate the risks and benefits of the surgery and choose an experienced surgeon. Rhinoplasty surgery is an operation that you will experience before and after, which can be considered a luxury and requires special attention. Patients usually want to have this surgery for comfort. Taking these into consideration may help you.