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Will the nose fall after rhinoplasty?

Rinoplasti sonrası burun düşer mi?

Yes, the nose may fall after rhinoplasty. This is because the nasal bones and cartilage are shaped during surgery, and then the tip of the nose is lifted upwards. During this procedure, the connective tissues that support the tip of the nose may also be stretched or torn. In this case, the tip of the nose may begin to slowly fall downwards after surgery.

Factors that increase the risk of nose drooping after rhinoplasty include:

Here are some points to consider to prevent nasal tip drooping after rhinoplasty:

If the nose tip drops after rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty surgery may be required. It is important that revision rhinoplasty surgery be performed by an experienced surgeon.

Nasal tip drooping after rhinoplasty is a common complication of the surgery. However, the risk of this complication is lower in surgeries performed by an experienced surgeon.